Léopold Croizet Cocktails

Perhaps you are one of the people who like to enjoy our cognac in a tulip glass with a good cigar, by the fire etc… you’re right.
But we also suggest you to enjoy the freshness and fruitiness of Léopold Croizet cognacs in a more festive, exotic, more striking and «on the rocks»

We use our youngest Cognacs VS and VSOP to make our favorite cocktails.
We want to share them with you:



6 cl VS or VSOP Léopold Croizet
1 piece of sugar
2 dashes of bitter Angostura
1 twist of lemon
1 twist of orange
Melt the sugar in the glass, sprinkle it with Angostura.
Pour in the sparkling water, then crush the sugar with a pestle until it melts
Add 1 or 2 ice cubes and 2.5 cl of cognac and stir with a mixing spoon for 15
Add ice at your convenience and pour in the remaining cognac (2.5 cl).
Stir for another ten seconds.
Decorate your glass with a twist of orange.
Your Old Fashioned cocktail is ready!


4 cl VS or VSOP Léopold Croizet
2 cl cane sugar syrup
6 mint leaves
1/2 lime
sparkling water
crushed ice
Place your ice cubes in a tea towel and then using a rolling pin, crush the ice.
Pour into a bowl and store in the freezer.
Place the whole mint leaves at the bottom of each glass.
Cut the lemon in half and then each half lemon into 6 pieces.
Add the 6 pieces of lemon to each glass (1/2 lemon).
Add the cane sugar syrup.
Crush the lemon with a special cocktail pestle.
Add the crushed ice leaving 2 cm of space.
Add the cognac
Complete with sparkling water.
Mix .
Straw or no straw, it’s ready


4 cl VS or VSOP Léopold Croizet
4 thin slices of ginger
1 lime zest
6 cl lemonade
1 cucumber peel
Add the ginger slices and lime zest.
Add 2 cl of cognac and lightly squeeze 2 to 3 times the ginger with a pestle.
Place ice cubes and stir for 5 seconds with a spoon.
Pour again 2 cl of Cognac and lengthen with lemonade.
Add the cucumber peel.
Stir with a spoon.
Your Summit is ready